Entry #1 Edit

Made it out of Branderscar today. Followed an ogre as he busted through the doors, walls and guards. Now I'm with a strange crew of people that were also prisoners. Not sure what they did to get stuck in there, but I probably won't be to far off if I ventured a guess.

Still not sure how everything got started, but as long as I'm free, I guess it doesn't matter. Not sure if I can trust these people, but after the castle I think my options are pretty limited now. No one stabbed me in the back on the way out, so I guess thats a good sign. Though I'm not sure they are all there up stairs, every last one of them...

I did almost drown jumping off that bridge. Blasted armor almost killed me! I was so tired from running in that mail that I couldn't even come up with something smart to say to the warden as I 'stepped out'. The one really crazy guy helped me swim back there, so I owe him. I'm scared to think what he might ask for in return.

The moors here are pretty dark and wet now, hopefully there is a nice warm fire waiting for us wherever these guys are headed.