The moors outside of Varyston are far from hospitable. These dark, brackish salt marshes team with mosquitos and other buzzing pests. The good news is that the ever present shallow brine pools and streams will make tracking difficult. The bad news is that these trackless moors are a great place to get lost.

There is another danger on the moors, one well known to locals. An aggressive, territorial and grumpy giant toad nick-named Lashtongue prowls the wilderness. Scarred from numerous attempts by local hunters to slay the monster, Lashtongue has so far evaded any effort to bag him. He is the reason that guard patrols will wait till morning before beginning their search.

Notable EventsEdit

After escaping from Branderscar Prison , the villains travelled across the moor to meet at the location Tiadora had mentioned. 

After their swim from Branderscar Bridge, the villians disposed of their uniforms in the ocean waters and headed inland. There they came across a small farmstead from which they stole some basic supplies. There was also a stable of animals. Toribio convinced them to leave the horses in the stable as not to draw attention, much to the dismay of Tristam who was exhausted from his sprint from the prison keep and his near death in the ocean. Loraan suggested that they could hide the theft by burning the stable to the ground. Wisdom ruled the night and the villians moved on into the moor.


While following a map of the moors they stole from the prison, they were set upon by a Giant toad, who was no as stealthly in its approach as it had thought. Despite it's noisesome approach it managed to wrap its slimy monsterous tongue about Jameskar before swallowing him mostly whole. Through a volley of thrusts, arrows and mana rained upon the toad slaying it. Tristam and Toribio then set to the task of gutting the toad to retrieve their aquaintance. Despite their haphazard stabbing and wrenching they removed Jameskar intact, with no further damage. They brought him back to consciousness and continued on to the inn in the moors.