Grumblejack is one of the very few ogres still alive on the Isle of Talingarde and was haunting the local moor making a living as a highwayman when he was caught, dragged here and branded.

Two guards died getting him into this cell. He is now being kept here as a trophy by the local constabulary who are waiting for a suitable occasion to publically execute him. Grumblejack is utterly mystified he is still alive and thinks it reveals just how stupid the “little ’uns” are.

Was being held at Branderscar Prison. Released by the villians as part of an escape plan. 

After seemingly being betrayed by the villians, he broke through the guard house and disappeared into the black night.

Only a howl followed by a large splash gave any hint as to where he went. According to the guard and the end of the Branderscar bridge he jumped into the ocean.